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The Singapore Flyer - one of the boys' favourite national icons.
Places of Interest

November 2014: A Mystica Quest at the Night Safari - A preview of the wildlife park's year-end festivities.

September 2014: Feasting the Senses - The Lims jump right into Sensorium 360, a contemporary art exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum.

August 2014: Imagination Comes ALIVE - An out-of-the-world artistic experience at Singapore's Alive Museum.

August 2014: Merlion - A National Day Walk in the Lion City - Celebrating Singapore's 49th National Day with a tour of the country's favourite local icon.

June 2014: Sentosa: A New State of Fun for Young Families - A review of Sentosa's new branding campaign and what families can expect from the island.

Apr 2014: Fragrance from the Netherlands - A sneak preview of Tulipmania 2014 at Gardens by the Bay.

Feb 2014: When Plants Get Hungry - Hungry? Care for an insect snack? The Lim Family embarks on an experiential learning journey at Gardens by the Bay.

Sep 2012: Building the Imagination: Legoland Malaysia Review - We head to Asia's first Legoland Park on its Opening Day, sharing some tips on how to plan a trip there with the children.

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