Korea 2013 - Jeju Chapter 3

Psyche World 

With temperatures forecast below the 10 degree celsius mark, we decided to make changes to our itinerary and head to an indoor location. Psyche World, a museum dedicated to butterflies and other insects, appealed to us as we thought our two children would be enthralled by the live butterfly and animal feeding exhibits. We however got far more than what we bargained for - although the live butterfly exhibit happened to be closed due to bad weather, the preserved insect exhibits were by far the most interesting we have ever seen; and all of us (children and adults alike) were fascinated by the extent of creativity expanded by the museum.

Fascinating display of butterflies of so many different species.

Bug attack!

The chess player in me couldn't resist this photo.

Not really a soccer fan, but I can see how this might
bug some people...

The "Colosseum" - Quite realistic in my opinion.

Hungry anyone? Gives a new meaning to "you are what you eat"!
Fascinating to see how many butterfly species there are
around the world...
Our 3-year-old was clearly mesmerised by the exhibits.

Feeding time for the goats. The kids really loved
the small petting zoo just outside the main hall.

And little E got into the act as well, trying to catch the
two dozen or so little parakeets feeding from Daddy.
We spent many hours simply taking in the lovely exhibits at Psyche World. Just as we were exploring the outdoor exhibits, we were surprised by the unexpected - a snowstorm had chosen to make its grand entrance. At first the kids were thrilled by their first encounter with the snow. But as the snowfall became heavier, we decided that we had to call it a day. We were however unprepared for what was to come...

Z looks rather menacing here with the large
snowball in his hand...

And the victim - his poor Kong Kong,..

My sister-in-law enjoying the lovely snowscape.

Snowed in... Imagine my trepidation when I realised I had to drive
in such snowy conditions. Thankfully the roads were not slippery
and we made it back safely to the hotel. 

It was exactly like the song that my older son had been singing, "Snowy blankets on the ground..." We made a dash for the car, bundled the little ones in, and drove off into the snowy day, reaching our hotel just in time for the hot meal and a well-deserved night's rest.

Aqua Planet

I awoke the next morning with the intention to go to Hallim Park, a scenic nature spot located in the west of the island. However my in-laws were unprepared for another outdoor adventure given the surprise snowstorm the day before. We therefore decided to go instead to Aqua Planet, the largest aquarium in Asia. Looking back, it was a fantastic decision, and all of us (adults and kids) thoroughly enjoyed the day there.

Interactive displays keep the children engaged throughout our 5-hour visit.

Sue's mum takes a moment with the large fish.

A spectacular show complete with acrobatics and pyrotechnics.
We were afraid our little ones would be scared, but they kept their eyes
glued throughout the 1/2-hour show.

Traditional animal show with a twist. It's
so clear that the trainers love their animals.

Outside the aquarium. A lovely view of Seongsan Ichulbong.

Enjoyable travel companions make the trip all the more fun!

A romantic moment with the love of my life.
My son the adventurer.

And this completes the picture.

After a fulfilling day we headed back for a hearty meal and a good rest at our comfortable hotel.

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