Korea 2013 - Jeju Chapter 4

Hallasan National Park

We started our day planning to drive to the spectacular Jeongbang Falls, located south of Jeju Island. Little did we know that our journey would involve travelling through the island's interior. We were therefore pleasantly surprised when we stumbled upon large open meadows painted with snow. We excitedly hopped out of the car for some photo moments, and our older son Z was thrilled to explore the snow with his Daddy.

A view from the road.

Z and Daddy take a walk.

A splash of snow.
As we drove on, we realised that we were climbing up mountainous terrain. And before we knew it, we saw the parking lot for Hallasan National Park, the very place that my mother-in-law had been hoping to avoid given that it was supposed to be very cold around the area. But our adventurous spirit got the better of us, and it was not long before we were parked alongside the other cars, for there were many who were there to experience the scenic treks across the snow. 

The sun peeking out from behind the trees.
Our older son Z enjoyed his experience with the
snow and was raring to go all the way.
Although we did not go on any of the long treks, it was
enjoyable just to walk near the park entrance.

Our younger son E proves he can also
be as brave as his brother.

Z couldn't resist another snowball attack on his Kong Kong.

My sister-in-law Andrea enjoying the snow.

My in-laws. True love endures all.

Jeongbang Falls

Energised by our short walk in the snow, we continue our drive southwards to the majestic Jeongbang Falls. The official Korean website presents this interesting story:

Jeongbang Falls (정방폭포) is only waterfall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean. On the wall of the waterfall, there is an inscription written “Seobulgwacha”, referring to Seobul passing by this place. Seobul was a servant of the Chinese Emperor Jin (BC 259~210) who was ordered by the Emperor to find the substance that would make him immortal. 

We easily made our way down the steps to the falls. On the way down, our attention was diverted to a group of people seated on the rocks. Drawing nearer, we realised that they had all bought fresh seafood from a make-shift stall set up just by the ocean. The delectable selection of octopus, geoduck clam and another unidentifiable shellfish were apparently caught fresh by the famous Hanyeo women divers of Jeju, said to be about 60 to 75 years old, and who can apparently hold their breath for up to 3 minutes. The seafood looked so fresh and irresistible that we just had to try it.

All ready to tuck into delectable seafood
caught just moments ago...

Our littler son E wanted some of the action,
but he had to be content with milk. We did however
give some octopus to our older son Z...

A whole new meaning to al fresco dining!
With our tummies satisfied, we made our way the bottom of the waterfall. For the record I must register my compliments to Z, who decided to make his way on foot all the way despite the difficult rocky terrain!

Z making his way to the falls with the help
of his beloved Kong Kong.

A view of the sea...

Z contemplating life. He was mesmerised by
the magnificent streams of flowing water.

E had his own way of reflecting about life...

Family shot at the foot of Jeongbang Falls

A view of the falls from above.

Lifelong travel companions...

Stunning beauty in Jeju

Z and his grandparents. We realised we were
actually along one of the famous Olle hiking trails.

Tired by our adventures, we headed back to the city, to the Jungang Underground Shopping Mall. There we spent the night with a quick round of shopping, as well as a farewell meal for my in-laws, who were leaving early the next morning.

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