Korea 2013 - Jeju Chapter 5

Eco Land Theme Park

After sending my in-laws to the airport, we headed off to the charming Eco Land Theme Park. But not before spending an extra amount of time getting the kids ready. During the one week that my in-laws were with us, we would whisk both children to their room early in the morning to be changed. But now, it was taking significantly longer to get ready (especially since both children attempted to look for their grandparents in their now vacant room).

The charm of Eco Land is that it was built in a large primeval forest. And you get to sit on a steam-powered train all through the theme park. As a parent of two young boys, I could hardly wait to get there!

This is what the official tourism website has to say:

Eco Land Theme Park is built in the 1km² Gotjawal primeval forest. Visitors can explore around in a train that looks like 1800s’ steam powered Baldwin train. The five Baldwin train look-alike operated in the park were specially ordered and manually manufactured in UK. In the large Gotjawal forest with railway trails, visitors can see a variety of plants, animals, and insects living in the mysterious Gotjawal forests, while touring around by the special train. It also has a lake for visitors to experience the ecosystem of the forest, take a walk, and enjoy picnic. Besides, there are many things to enjoy including Eco Bridge, Hovercraft, Eco Windmill, Picnic Garden, Kid’s Town, Eco Road, Bare Foot on Scoria, Floating CafĂ©, and topiary art works. 

We were immediately thrilled when we arrived and got on board the train.

Daddy & Z posing with the Eco Land train. All boys love trains
and what a happy boy we had with us that day!

Z taking in the sights. He was only 9-months-old when he
boarded his first steam-powered train in Australia. Looking
back, it's amazing how our 3/1/2-old has grown!

The train arrives by the shore of a charming lake. Surrounded by trees, the luscious scenery almost causes you to forget that you're in the midst of a giant theme park.

With waters as clear as a mirror, we enjoyed a lovely walk
around the Eco Land lake.

A life-size ship awaits those eager to explore the high seas!

And there were the lovely streams which Z enjoyed.

As we travel to the fringe of the lake, our younger son E was quick to jump up. He was eager to exercise his restless leg muscles.

Here goes E wandering around the land of make-believe Holland,
complete with a large windmill and its coloured companions.

Not quite Don Quixote, but E almost looks the part. 

Z is naturally thrilled to explore the large
playground at the fairgrounds of the theme park.
The park is immersed in large open spaces and vegetation,
and Z thoroughly enjoyed exploring the grounds.

The rain grew heavier as we made our way around the park. And with temperatures dipping towards the end of the afternoon, we decided to call it a day and make our way back to Jeju City. There, it was another night of shopping at the Jungang Underground Shopping Mall, somewhere that we could escape the cold and have a nice warm dinner.

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