Korea 2013 - Jeju Chapter 6

Saryeoni Forest

Sue had been reading about a special theme park for kids - the Cocomong Eco Park. We therefore packed our things and prepared to drive to the park, located in the south of the island. As there is only one major road artery leading to the south, we had to pass through the island's interior. During the drive there, I was lamenting on how I missed going on a forest trek and how much the boys enjoy walking. This especially since we were driving through luscious forests all around. It was then that we made the spontaneous decision to go for a forest trek.

This alluring sign caused us to alter our
itinerary for a lovely trek through the forest. 
The air was pristine; peppered with the fresh scent of crisp leaves. The chirping of birds resounded through the air; almost like a choreographed orchestra. And we almost felt like we were walking in the scene from a Korean drama.

Our son Z sets off on foot as eager as
always. So proud that he walked on his
own for most of the 2 hour hike.

The vast expense of forest was truly a feast for the senses.

A picture of adversity in the midst of peace.

Daddy's Boy!

The Love of My Life

Almost like a scene from Winter Sonata;
only that it felt like autumn.

Our adventurer Z without a care in the world!

Bridge over quiet waters...

Do you see what I see?

The most interesting aspect of our walk was that it was totally unplanned; and we thoroughly enjoyed both the spontaneity of the moment, as well as the serenity of the location. Till this day our older son Z remembers his walk in the forest in Jeju, and I can totally understand why it brought such lovely memories for him.

Cocomong Eco Park

We were all hungry by the time we arrived at the Cocomong Eco Park. While the food at the theme park was rather tasty, the price of the items did not satisfy. That rather summed up the rest of the experience at the theme park; for while our children did enjoy themselves, we felt that the admission fees were too pricey - especially since there were very few attractions to visit. If we could have turned back the clock, we would not have made the trip there in the first place.

Our younger son E enjoying himself in a
house made up of plastic wrap.

Z at the outdoor treehouse.

Ever the climber - E makes his way
across the "spider webs".

Our son definitely has a thing for horses.

Comfy chair anyone?

The kids were exhausted by closing time, and there was little left to do but to make our way back to the hotel, clocking in a 1/1/2-hour sunset drive along the way.

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