Korea 2013 - Jeju Chapter 7

Hallim Park

We awoke with a certain sense of sadness; for it was our last full day in Jeju and we had grown fond of this picturesque and charming island. We quickly packed our things and headed out - we wanted to make the best of what we had left.

Destination: Hallim Park. When we did the research for the trip, Hallim Park was described as one of the most kid-friendly places on the island. And we found this assessment to be very accurate. We were fascinated that the park was created from scratch in the 1970s by a farsighted individual. He literally transformed 100 thousand square metres of barren land into the garden paradise it is today. 

The park's official website presents this tribute to its founder:

With luscious vegetation all around, the park was clearly one of our most favourite sites in the whole of Jeju!

Beautiful flowers line the pathways of the park. These are
changed periodically from season to season.

Just a stroll in the park.

Z enjoying the numerous miniature
windmills sprinkled throughout the park.

The lovely water garden comes alive with its beautiful
nesting swans, ducks and other feathered creatures. 

Z was clearly in his element at the walk-in aviary. Here he is
with the white peacocks.

The traditional hut where we had lunch. If you look closely you
will see workers re-thatching the hut. Apparently they do  this
now and then to preserve the authenticity of the environment.

Are those pumpkins in the trees? Only in Korea! 

Who said you shouldn't play with your food?

The famous Jeju black pork. I can say it was the best pork meal
I have ever eaten in my life! Succulent meat marinated in a
special sauce and grilled to perfection. When you wrap it in a
lettuce leaf with the other side dishes, that's a moment of bliss!
Not quite Los Angeles, but it certainly
felt that way!

The wild grass and flower garden. Picturesque.

Lava caves that were far easier to navigate than the
famed grottos in Manjangul.

A much-deserved rest after a long day's
walk. A double scoop of rosemary and
wild cactus ice cream. 

When we began the final drive back to our hotel, we were sad that we would be leaving one of the most beautiful places in the world. We now knew why Jeju Island was selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. And we knew that we would be back one day. 

Jeju in 10 days - that hardly does justice to this island paradise...

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