Korea 2013 - Pitstop Busan

Children's Grand Park

We were rather sad at leaving the lovely Jeju island after 10 days there. By the time we arrived at our hotel in Busan, our children were already experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The older child was still asking for Mr Kim, the owner of our lovely Jeju abode, while the younger boy was especially clingy to us. As it was almost evening by the time we arrived (due to a delayed flight and a terrible jam from the airport to the hotel), we settled for a simple dinner and decided to call it a night.

The next day we were up bright and early, excited by the promise of adventure in a new city. We headed west to the Children's Grand Park, which we heard had lots of activities for the children, including a mini-zoo, amusement parks and hiking trails galore.

Our older son posing at the entrance of the
Children's Grand Park.

"Autumn" trees in winter? Not quite the expected match,
but a feast for the eyes nonetheless. 

The war buff in me couldn't resist a photo of a
memorial to the veterans of the Korean War.
Our older son couldn't wait to get started, and he took off on his own up the hilly slopes. Following not far behind were his parents, wheeling the heavy stroller, which seemed to grow heavier by the day, not least because of our younger son's increasing weight. 

Z the adventurer. Without a care in the world!
When we finally got to the top of one part of the hill, we were amazed to find a science activity centre (otherwise called the Children's Hall). The boys immediately jumped at the chance to experience science in action. And my diligent wife was taking notes on how she can effectively homeschool them in the sciences in the future.

Daddy testing out how much energy it takes to light up
an entire household.

Z's favourite attraction - a wave-rider which measures the
velocity and other factors influencing a surfer's momentum.

We had grand plans to visit the other areas at the park, including the mini zoo, attraction parks, as well as the natural scenic sites such as the lake and forested areas. Unfortunately the climb up and down the first hill, as well as along another hilly path, left us rather exhausted. There were, however many elderly Koreans who seemed to whiz by us; and we were reminded that age is not the only factor affecting a person's fitness level!

Shinsaegae Centum City

Tired and hungry, we made our way indoors to Shinsaegae Centum City, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest shopping complex in the world. The 14-storey mall not only has the usual shopping facilities, it also boasts of a cinema, a spa, an indoor skating rink, and an indoor golf driving range. But for us it was the rooftop playground that was the greatest draw.

The safari-themed rooftop playground was indeed a child's
dream come true!

Giraffes, elephants and rhinos? Only at

Wait a minute. Did I just see a dinosaur?

And our children were of course thrilled by the
free carousel rides.

The indoor skating rink. Quite an interesting concept in the
heart of winter, but imagine this in summer...
With our stomachs satisfied, and our children dizzy after a fun-filled day, we headed back to our hotel to rest ahead of our train ride to the traditional city of Gyeongju. 

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