Easter Week : A Sense of the Resurrection (Part 2)

On the morning of Good Friday, the children woke up bright and early all excited for our outing with our homeschooling group at the Botanics. Our family started a new tradition by having Communion Breakfast with hot cross buns (provided by Nai Nai) and grapes.
Communion Breakfast - a new family tradition
for the Lim family.
Daddy led a time of communion and shared about the last meal that Jesus had with his disciples. He then broke bread, and the family ate the buns and the grapes. And all that despite our 1-year-old E, who found it difficult to understand why he had to wait for everyone to eat the bread and grapes together.
The Lim family partaking in communion.
After breakfast, Daddy told the Easter story, and shared why Jesus had to die on the cross to take away all the pain of the world. But Jesus rose again from the dead on Easter, and that's why we can live forever with Him.

At the Botanics, we met our homeschooling group and promptly started to put together a Resurrection Garden. This is to tell the story of how Jesus died and then rose again. We used simple objects like stones, shells and marbles (purchased from Art Friend), and allowed the children to pick up flowers and leaves that had fallen on the ground.
The kids were hard at work creating their mini Resurrection Gardens.
The potato symbolises the tomb where Jesus
was buried.
9-year-old A's garden clearly told the story
of Jesus' death on the cross.

7-year-old S chose to indicate that fresh life
still grew despite the death of Jesus.
As for 3-year-old Z, he had an eclectic concept
of the garden where Jesus body lay.
Each of the children excitedly worked on their gardens, and gingerly wrapped them in aluminium foil to be transported home.

By Easter Sunday (the third day), Z woke up to find that the stone of the tomb in his Resurrection Garden had been rolled away. We then shared with him what happened on Easter morning, when the disciples found that the stone of Jesus' tomb had been rolled away and that Jesus had risen from the dead. Z then helped to re-decorate the Garden with fresh flowers, a symbol of fresh life.

Z re-decorating the Resurrection Garden
The final product.

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