My Father's World Kindergarten Day 1

The benefit of homeschooling is that you can suddenly decide in the middle of the year to change curriculum when the students/ teacher gets bored (in this case, the latter... This Mummy gets bored rather easily). 

Well, actually, I felt a need for more variation in our activities than what we have been doing in our Little Hands to Heaven syllabus, which is great as an early foundation and very easy to follow, but can get quite repetitive on a weekly basis. Not to mention that along with our erratic homeschooling schedule with my work and other commitments thrown in, and my exhaustion in running the household with two active boys, I have been very dissatisfied on the school front this year.
In the beginning...
The good thing is Z has been reading a lot more keenly this year!  That is a milestone in itself. I have been missing the literature-based Before Five in a Row, which we did last year. We are not ready for the  Five in a Row literature yet (perhaps when he's 5!) but after some praying and thinking through I think this is a good curriculum to do at this stage with Z's interest in alphabets, animals and Science. It has links to good literature as well as Maths too! 

The super plus point: Daddy was home today so we could rope him in for the worship and reading of the Bible verses to kick start our new programme. His booming voice really helped when it came to "Let there be light! " 
Daddy's reading of Genesis Chapter 1
The first ten days set the foundation for the rest of the curriculum and include Bible verses,  worship,  drawing out the six days of creation, as well as learning and revising the  letter names. 

I added in some painting using white crayon resist to illustrate how God made something out of nothing,  as well as our daily sensory-motor activity.  Today we did cutting skills using a pack of straws from Ikea, and threaded necklaces for their Ee Ee Chen who is not feeling well. 
Z starts painting the sky with a greenish hue.
The sky - as seen through the eyes of an almost-4-year-old.
Learning fine motor skills
Threading a necklace for Ee Ee Chen
I will try to be more diligent with the homeschool updates - they serve as a good record for E when it's his turn! 

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