Korea 2013: Busan Chapter 4

Jagalchi Market

Korea's largest seafood market was one of our top priority stops in Busan. We were planning to get there early the next day, but the kids were very tired and we decided to sleep in, heading for the market only in the afternoon. Due to heavy traffic and the long travel timing, we only reached there just as the sun was making its way towards the horizon.
"Jagalchi" is actually a combination of two Korean words meaning "small rocks"
and "villages". Due to modernisation and the construction of a wharf, no traces
of either remain.
View from the city in the late afternoon.
The boys enjoying a rare pensive moment.
Wandering in the live seafood section.
The practice is for you to choose your dinner at one of the numerous seafood
stalls and allow the chef to cook up the meal of your dreams.
Our sons were quite interested by all the fascinating sea creatures.
We didn't expect both boys to enjoy looking at the various
food items and even tasting them! 
You know your sons enjoy food when they go from stall to
stall pointing at the items and asking to taste them!
And who can resist the huge and juicy ginseng roots on sale there!
Our children had a whale of a time dancing near the water area where there was loud singing and happy Koreans enjoying their beers and soju. After we had purchased a fair quantity of dried shrimps, scallops and fresh ginseng, we headed back to the Lotte Department Store where our boys were eager to catch another glimpse of the musical fountain there.

Korea @ Play

The next day it was time to return back to the photo studio to collect our photos and we were very pleased with the final product. As the weather was not optimal for an outdoor outing, we decided to let the boys enjoy the lovely indoor playground that we had come to enjoy. (We have written about why we love Korean indoor playgrounds in a previous post.)
There is an hourly train that goes around a section of the indoor playground.
Children run to board the train whenever they hear the horn.
We particularly enjoyed the quality of the items and how well
each section was maintained.
During the trip both our boys developed a love for playing
shop. They would engage in pretend play, buying and
selling food at the "market".
We didn't realise this then, but our younger one was already
picking up an interest in food and in cooking.
The bright colours and cosy decor made every child (and
adult) feel at ease.
The children were very sad to leave as they knew that it was the last time that they were going to an indoor playground. What was especially sad for us was that our wonderful Korean adventure was coming to an end in just two days' time...

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