Australia 2014: Perth - Farm Days

At Home on the Farm

We got up bright and early to a lovely surprise. Kellers, the place we were staying at, was a really cosy place. We didn't realise this previously as we had arrived in the dark the day before. But in the morning, the entire place looked glorious.
View of Kellers from the outside. We stayed in the lovely room on the left.
It's spring and everything's in bloom. This was our view at breakfast. Truly restful and reflective.
The place truly invoked a sense of peace and comfort.
One of the main reasons why Sue decided to book Kellers was because of the lovely breakfast pictures we had seen on their Facebook page. Everything we ate was organic - from the freshly-made jams, freshly-pressed juices to the freshly-laid eggs and freshly-produced milk. For myself, a non-muesli eater, I was even thrilled to eat the muesli at Kellers - all of it was prepared by our lovely host Marija, whose bubbly and charming personality endeared her to all of us.

Marija serves her meals with excellence. Each one of her food items is served in lovely crockery assembled eclectically. 
Even the salt and pepper comes in cute chicken-shaped shakers (our personal favourite)!
And the verdict? The boys loved their breakfasts each morning!
This picture shows E drinking milk that came fresh from a cow (with the appropriate treatment of course).
And the older boy Z "drinking" up the scrambled eggs which were
succulent and easy on the palate.
Freshly-baked bread, prepared by Marija's husband Philipp. Served with
homemade jams strawberry, blueberry and quince.
Eggs prepared so immaculately.
And Sue thoroughly enjoyed the parfait she prepared with yogurt, jam and muesli (all homemade by Kellers).
This picture says it all. One happy little boy.
The younger one enjoying his watermelon.
Daddy savouring the meal with the boys. A highlight for Daddy was
most certainly the cappuccino, served delicately aromatic!
After breakfast it was time to stretch our legs and explore the lovely farm. Our boys loved the place so much that by the end of the five days that we were there, they were practically wandering at will, almost as though they were little farm boys living in a scenic and picturesque land.

A curious observer looks on as Farmer Philipp milks the cow.
"Moo Moo, would you like to have some bread?"
The cows come by for their feed of hay.
Going for a walk to see the animals.
The mother pig with her precious litter of pigs, just three days old.
Little E soaks it all in...
Off to see the chickens. Guess which 2yo boy decided to crawl under the chicken coop for a closer look?
Z looks on as the chickens get their daily feed.
A freshly-laid egg! Guess which 2yo managed to get his hands on one and
refused to let go of it?
Walking down the animal transport ramp.
Picking mulberries and eating them fresh from the tree. Daddy gets to eat white mulberries for the
first time ever and decides that they have become his favourite fruit (alongside the watermelon)!
The other mulberries. We were warned that the black ones leave a stain on your lips for
quite some time!
The vegetable patch maintained by Marija's father. Kellers has recently set up a weekend stall selling fresh vegetables.
It really takes hard work to run a farm, but for Philip and Marija, it's just a part of their life.
For our family, Kellers was not only a place to stay. It was also a place to play. The boys in particular enjoyed themselves thoroughly. From playing with bubbles to jumping on the trampoline, the boys were clearly at home the entire time. 
Little E attempting to climb on the little swing outside our room.
Bubble play. Marija kindly gave us two bubble "wands" for the boys to play with.
Marija's daughter Alexa taking our boys for their very own tour of the farm.
Little E gets his wish to "drive just like Daddy".
Little E being taken on a ride by Marija's son Stefan.
And of course the beloved trampoline which the boys loved.
Z and E having a whale of a time with the Keller children.
Kellers truly became for us a "home away from home". We were able to catch a glimpse of what life would have been like if our boys lived on a farm. To this day we still have the image of them running barefooted on the farm, their faces stained from eating fresh mulberries from the trees. Of course life on the farm is hard work, but this was one side of them that we would never have seen back home in Singapore.

The lovely Marija Keller melted the hearts of both our boys.
Little E still remembers his time with Aunty Marija and Kor Kor Stefan.
The boys with their facourite Jie Jie Alexa.
And life is not the same for little E, who misses his beloved Rozie.
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