Australia 2014: Perth - Fremantle

Culinary Treats @ the Fremantle Market

After a lovely breakfast and time at the farm, we headed off to Fremantle, to explore the sights and sounds of its legendary market.The Fremantle Visitor Centre describes the market in this manner:

"The Fremantle Markets is one of the city’s most iconic and visited places. Located at the southern end of the Cappuccino Strip the markets is housed in a grand Victorian-era heritage building that was constructed in 1902 and completely restored in 1975. It was then added to the Western Australian Register of Heritage Places.
Over 150 stalls under one roof take up almost the entire city block that is bounded by Parry Street, South Terrace, William Street and Henderson Street Mall. There are several entrances to the markets, the main ones are off Henderson Street Mall, South Terrace and Parry Street."
The Victorian architecture of the market provided a quaint yet cosy feel.
Fresh produce from all parts of Perth.
We couldn't resist the aromas from this hotdog stall.
4yo Z was astonished at the enormity of the hotdog!
Contented with the delicious paella.
If only I had placed a coin box there. I wonder how much we would have earned!
All excited and ready to explore the market! 

The "Hallelujah" Moment

Visiting the Fremantle Market was for us a rather harrowing experience. Consider two curious and excited kids heading off in different directions while you try to search for a good deal in one of the shops. We hardly got to browse at all.

But our spirits lifted towards the end of our visit when little E heard a performance going on in the Fremantle Markets Bar and decided to join in. 

Sue described the "Hallelujah" moment in this manner: "Z and I were hanging around outside the Fremantle Markets Bar when we heard - "A round of applause to E Lim!" This was followed by a thunderous round of clapping and I realised they were actually talking about my son!"

E's "Hallelujah" Moment

Proudly clutching his precious gift of the musician's guitar pick tightly in his hand, little E and his older brother Z headed off for some fresh air at a park next to our dinner venue, just in time to enjoy the brilliant sunset.
Having a swinging good time!
Walking the "rope bridge" with the lovely tall trees in the background.

Brothers at play.
The boys love the ferris wheel as it reminds them of their favourite
Singapore Flyer.

A Taste of the Sea

It was a glorious sea breeze that greeted us as we headed for dinner. Stopping for a quick walk near our dinner venue at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, it was a delight to see the boys run uninhibited as they too filled their lungs with the whiff of fresh air.
Seizing the moment.
Our two boys - without a care in the world!
Dozens of seagulls were in flight as they waited for the fisherman's
catch of the day. Our little E, was meanwhile enjoying himself
 chasing the feathered creatures.
Although Cicerellos' has been around for 100 years, our verdict was that it is overrated. The fish
was ordinary and the fries actually tasted stale!
Rather disappointed with our dinner, we headed back to our lovely farm abode. 

Sue said she enjoyed Fremantle a lot more when she went there as a child with her family - the markets have since shrunk to cover a smaller area. Or perhaps we would have enjoyed it more if we had been able to browse the stalls in peace! However, there is still a sense of warmth and camaraderie among the stall owners, and we really enjoyed the beautiful playground amidst the trees. 

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