Australia 2014: Perth - A Warm Welcome

A Lim Family Adventure

"Are we going on an adventure?" asked 4-year-old Z as he rubbed his eyes after being awakened for our early morning flight to Australia. And so the Lim Family began our short but exciting 2/1/2 week adventure in the Land of Oz, a country that has just shaken off winter's kiss, and is now celebrating the season of spring, a time of newness, birth and growth. 
Seasoned traveller Z sits alongside his younger brother E, who is getting his
own seat for the very first time after turning 2 in July. 
Resting at the transit lounge before the longer flight. The little one was astonished at how small
his toy plane was when compared to the giants outside the window.
Daddy "showing off" our new rental car at Perth International Airport.
Getting excited ahead of the journey.

All strapped in and ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime!

A Warm Welcome

First stop - the home of an old friend. I first met Daniel many moons ago when we were both little boys in the Anglo-Chinese School. And although we have not met each other for at least 10 years, we re-connected earlier this year on Facebook, and I was stoked to learn that he has now relocated, and is living in Perth with his lovely wife Bernice and their three children. Daniel kindly offered to loan us his GPS for the trip, and he hosted us for a lovely dinner "since we were there anyway". I learnt that Daniel and Bernice are gourmet chefs, and the meal that they prepared for us was truly out of this world! Little Z kept asking for extra servings for the pasta, and our two boys had a whale of a time playing with Daniel's three children, despite my concerns that they would be tired and cranky after getting stuck 5/1/2 hours in an airplane.

The children's table at Daniel and Bernice's home.
By the time we arrived at our accommodation in Perth, at the lovely Kellers Bed & Breakfast, we were close to exhaustion. We quickly settled in for the night and everyone was soon fast asleep.
E makes himself at home.
Lovely furnishings and intricate touches make Keller's a "home away from home".
Our "indulgence" at the end of each day. The boys most definitely enjoyed their nightly "swimming" with Daddy.
Keller's provides a "homey" and cosy atmosphere.
Next: Farm Days... The transformation of two Singapore city boys into Aussie farm kids...

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