Australia 2014: Of Gnomes & Giant Towers - The Road to Busselton

Gnome News is Good News

As we headed south towards our next destination Busselton, our base for the exploration of the Margaret River region, we stumbled upon a very curious town which is the home for thousands of gnomes. 
How to get to Gnomesville...
The official Gnomesville website explains the curious origin of the town:

long, long time ago, a Gnome was travelling on an Australian country road. It was at night and far from anywhere. All around was leafy and green. A pleasant place. By and by, he came to a fork in the road. He followed the road, which seemed to go around and around. Now, being a little person, he could not see over the curb. If he did, the story would have ended here. He walked all night with the feeling he was going nowhere. Roads branched off every so often. 

By the morning, he was exhausted. Then it was clear. He had come across a ROUNDABOUT—a circular intersection in the middle of (almost) nowhere. This was something he had never seen as a country traveller. But it was a nice place and reminded him of home. There was a bubbling brook and shady trees.

So he stayed a while. And another while. Other Gnomes passed and visited, and many stayed. Word passed around. Gnomes from far and wide left their gardens and came to visit. But they stayed. This was something new for the mostly solitary Gnomes. There was something irresistable about the place. It was as if the ROUNDABOUT was casting a spell.

Legends aside, other more official (and less exciting) sources say Gnomesville was created following a protest over the building of a new roundabout. But whatever the case, the town is truly worth a visit if you happen to be travelling south of Perth.
Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones...
Feel free to add to the growing collection of gnome puns... 
Entire communities participate in the development of Gnomesville.
Numerous tales are told regarding the little fellows.
A giant in Gnomesville

Donnybrook Apple Fun Park

Continuing our journey south, we made our way to Australia's largest free-entry playground. The Shire of Donnybrook, which manages the playground, contributes these interesting nuggets about the facilities which include the following:
  • toddler and pre-schooler areas that include lots of low ride-on animals, kiddie swings, climbing and slide areas
  • four-level towers with slides, rope bridges and flying foxes
  • low rock climbing walls, swings and a spacenet
  • two 9.5 m towers that rise above the ground with a range of play equipment suitable for all ages, including slides and climbing equipment
And to keep the parents fit, there is also an adult friendly area that has gym circuit exercise equipment!
Quite a spectacular playground
Our 2yo explores musical notes and apprecites rhythm.

While our 4yo spends time on the swing with Kong Kong.
It's off to get some bouncing.
And even some hugging...
Before Kor Kor joins in at the music station.
Then it's off for an exciting time. Yes Mummy, the slide is 4-storeys high...
And it does seem high for a 2yo....
But Kor Kor will take care of me!

Busselton Beach Resort

As the sun set, we finally arrived at our abode for the next week - the Busselton Beach Resort. Sue's aunt had kindly secured the place for us as a gift from her timeshare package. We had a really lovely time there and Sue's aunt has already secured the resort for us next year for a return trip there!
The view of the resort at sunset.
Located just five minutes away from the beach, the Busselton Beach Resort is an ideal getaway.
The view from the front of our resort.
While the rest of the family stayed behind to settle in, Daddy and Z headed out for a
quick walk to the beach.
Enjoying the evening sunset.
Just the two of us...

A 4yo boy contemplates life...
The perfect end to a lovely day.
With our lungs filled with fresh air from the sea, we headed back to the resort for a warm meal prepared by Sue's mum. Our time in the Margaret River region had only just begun and already we seemed to have accomplished so much! 

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