Australia 2014: The A-Mazing Yallingup Adventure

Not Just a Maze

It was with much anticipation that we arrived at the Yallingup Maze. It was a lovely morning; there were lots of clouds in the sky, but it was clear that our fluffy white friends would not empty their loads on us anytime soon. Sue had set her sights on visiting the maze after she had found out about its exciting puzzle cafe while searching online for things to do while visiting the Margaret River region. We were thrilled to receive an email from the owner of the maze, Amanda Teasdale, who offered us complimentary tickets for the maze. But it was more than tickets that Amanda offered us - she also shared with us her warmth and generosity; and us weary travellers from Singapore learnt much about Perth hospitality during our few hours there!
The welcoming entrance to the Yallingup Maze and Puzzle Cafe.
There is a lovely bouncy castle just outside the maze, perfect for little ones to
work off their excess energy. You are also provided with an opportunity
to donate to a worthy cause, the Regional Kids organisation of Western Australia.
Located on another part of the property is a playground for the kids. The Yallingup Maze operators have spent much time
to create places of fun for the kids.
Enjoying a cuppa and some lovely cakes before we began our adventuring.
Any idea what's behind this puzzle? Well, you'd only get to decipher it if you have special glasses :)

Our older son putting on his special glasses to decipher the "code".
The Yallingup Maze has a fantastic concept - children are free to play with any games.
Our littler son E was clearly in his element!
And our older son Z was trying his best to win his Kong Kong.
We loved the open concept where children were allowed to be themselves and play as they wished.
"Bunny Boo". We loved this game so much we bought a set home for the kids.
The maze is housed in lovely natural settings. Truly a feast for the eyes!
Our boys were quick to get on their feet! Amanda shared with us that the
"natural" playground surrounding the maze occurred in stages. It is
truly a "dream playground" for children to explore and enjoy!
Climbing trees? Every boy's dream adventure!

Little E leading Kor Kor on the narrow log bridge.
The 2yo was clearly at home jumping across logs and testing his agility!
And the coup de grace - a fallen tree for children to climb up on!
There's our little one on top of the tree.
Do you see what I see?
Boys will be boys!
After a fruitful time of exploration around the maze premises, we were all ready to get ourselves lost! Or rather we were hopeful to make it out of the maze - at least before nightfall!

Our little 4yo at the entrance of the maze. All excited and ready to go!
Puzzling over where to go? 
One of the four watchtowers. Achievement unlocked!
View from the first tower. Planning and strategising the road ahead.
The Yallingup Maze is excellent for families to enjoy time together. 
Victory walk. Not quite. But felt that way even though we only made it to one
of the four targets.
Our 4yo clearly had a whale of a time!
Kong Kong and Mama looking not too tired at the end.
The lovely Amanda Teasdale; proud owner of the maze.
It was unfortunate that we had to rush off that day; as we would have otherwise attempted more of the maze targets. What we gained was however more than what we had expected; and we know that we will definitely go back again - to complete what we had started!

To find out more about the Yallingup Maze, do refer to the webpage here.

Note: This is a review arranged between the Yallingup Maze and Parenting on Purpose. We received complimentary tickets for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed here are our own.

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