A Multi-Coloured Undersea Adventure: Giveaway of I Theatre's "The Rainbow Fish"

Dive into the deep and be treated to a musical extravaganza that will dazzle the senses!

I Theatre celebrates its 15th Anniversary with a re-make of its groundbreaking play, "The Rainbow Fish"! The play is based on Swiss author and illustrator Marcus Pfister's award-winning book series, which was transformed into a TV series in the United States.

I Theatre is bringing the show back after a 5-year hiatus. Artistic Director Brian Seward says the show has been staged seven times, and it's been all over the world, including India, USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. 
When? 26 April to 15 May 2016
Where? Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore
Who? Anyone from 3 to 103 years old!

What can we expect?

Like any good I Theatre production, expect a wholesome family production with strong characterisation, catchy songs and dances, and a moral in the story. And, I Theatre promises to showcase the various techniques it has learnt over the years, including magical black light theatre and mind-blowing original puppet design.
Parenting on Purpose is pleased to partner with I Theatre to giveaway two pairs of tickets for "The Rainbow Fish". Tickets will be for the 2.30pm show on Sat 30th April.

Two winners will be selected, and you will need to collect the tickets from I Theatre's office before 22 April. Please call the I Theatre office at 6431 5290 before collection.

How to qualify for the giveaway:

1) Like the Parenting on Purpose Facebook page.
2) Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall and tag three friends (not including the friend who had tagged you. Remember to ensure that privacy settings are set to "Public".)

For an extra chance to win:

Comment on this post and share with us why you like the ocean, and what underwater adventures you have had!

The giveaway will end on Sun 17 Apr and entries must be submitted by 10pm.

And the winners of the giveaway are..... Tan Mei Ling & Christy Lee! 

Kindly collect your tickets from I Theatre's office before 22 April. Please call the I Theatre office at 6431 5290 before collection.


  1. liked, shared and tagged. I like the ocean because it is so mysterious, that its calm surface belies the rich marine life beneath. I have snorkelled a few times in my life so far and the most memorable experience would be the time in Phuket, off the seas of Hong Island, when a sea turtle suddenly swam up next to me!

  2. I like the vastness of the ocean; looking at it restores a sense of calm and evokes a sense of adventure in me. My 'underwater adventures have been limited mainly to taking my children to Underwater World and SEA Aquarium at Sentosa so far, haha!


  3. Simply love the smell, the sight and sound of the crashing waves as it makes one feel so relax & carefree ! My underwater adventure to Sentosa SEA Aquarium with my kids & family!

  4. The Ocean is a mysterious place full of surprises! That is what I love about it. So many findings of the past and present which we can see from all those documentary shows and exhibitions. I am not a good swimmer so I can't really visit the underwater personally. My encounters with it is only through seeing all these documentary shows, visits to exhibition as well as going to the SEA Aquarium. We recently went to the Monsters of the sea exhibition and both my kids and I are simply amazed what is available underwater in the past.

  5. My only experience is Bali glass bottomed boats. Amzing see beautiful coral reefs with tropical fish swim other marine life !

  6. It's just so relaxing and peaceful to look at the waves and i can just let go all my unhappiness and let my mind to wander freely. It's also beautiful to see the sun rise over the ocean. My underwater adventure is to the Sea Aquarium with my family.

  7. I love the ocean as it always give me a peaceful and calm whenever I feel stress I will take chance to go for a breather to East Coast. And I will never forget my snorkeling experience at Maldives with the colourful rainbow fish and the sea turtle that just outside my resort. That's really an experience I fail to erase from my memory. I hope I can get my kids to love the sea creatures just like me. So this is good exposure for them .

  8. I like the ocean because it contain so many variety of marine life and they all live in harmony while on land all are humans and getting along is so tough.We all should learn from the marine life under the ocean how to co-exist. FB: Azmina Muqtadir

  9. I like the ocean as its a mystical place to me full of amazing underwater creatures moving about ever so graciously. Unfortunately my underwater experience is limited to visits to the aquarium and documentaries as I'm not a strong swimmer. I do hope my boy cultivates a love for the ocean through stories & ocean related activities and be able to explore it first hand (unlike his scaredy cat mum :p) joeyweini@gmail.com

  10. I love the calmness of the ocea with beautiful reefs and corals. I wish to experience diving into ocean 1 day and hope my dream come true.

  11. I think the underwater world is a mystical place and it's amazing how nature has created these beautiful, sometimes colourful, sea creatures to survive under such conditions! I would prefer not to go into the homes of these sea creatures as I wouldn't want anyone coming to my home, uninvited. Let the professionals do their jobs and I'll learn from those documentaries. Protect nature for our children's children's children to enjoy and appreciate. Sharing is loving.

  12. I love the mysterious, beautiful and yet scary, ocean. So much so that I took up scuba diving despite being a poor swimmer. It's been a long time since I last dived. One of the amazing adventures I had was swimming with huge manta rays, and spotting a giant mola-mola (also known as sun fish) while doing that. I couldn't scream in delight as I was underwater! It was very memorable. I miss scuba diving days. Hope to win this and let my little one experience the joys I

    1. Thank you for wonderful giveaway!

      ️FB: Gladys Tiyo


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