Giveaway: What is Work? I Theatre's Tale of an Ant & a Grasshopper

Aesop's traditional tale of an ant and a grasshopper is a moralistic story about the importance of work and what happens to those who choose to idle and waste their time away. As I Theatre recounts:

Once there lived an Ant - a hard-working and ever-busy Ant who never seemed to have time for play or relaxation. And then there was Grasshopper, with time on his hands and nothing much to do all day.

And visiting from time to time, there is Caterpillar!
Somehow they were friends. All day long Ant would work hard, without stop or rest, collecting grains of wheat and storing them carefully in her larder. 
And Grasshopper would laugh, and say. 'Why do you work so hard, dear Ant? Come, and rest awhile, listen to my song. Summer is here; the days are long and bright. Why waste the sunshine in labour and toil?' 
Whilst Caterpillar calmly carried on, doing what caterpillars do best… 
But Summer does not last long – and soon Winter and the frozen cold will come… 
What will happen to Grasshopper then?What exactly will Ant do?And where will Caterpillar go?

As a fan of this local children's theatre group, we have witnessed how I Theatre chooses a popular children's tale for production, and then adapts it to become something quite different. As Artistic Director/Producer Brian Seward promises:
This is one of those stories you really think you know – until you examine it a little closer. In the original Fable by Aesop, the ants work all day, never taking time to appreciate the world around them. Whilst the Grasshopper does not see the value in working… 
In Singapore we like to think that the Ants are the perfect example of what we should be like. But is the Grasshopper completely wrong in his point of view? And are the ants really following the best path in life?
Parenting on Purpose is pleased to partner with I Theatre to host an exciting giveaway of 2 sets of 4 tickets each. This will be for the 11am show on Sunday, 19 February 2017.

How to qualify for the giveaway:

1) Like the Parenting on Purpose Facebook page.

2) Share this blog post on your Facebook Wall and tag three friends (not including the friend who had tagged you. Remember to ensure that privacy settings are set to "Public".)

For an extra chance to win:

Comment on this post (not on the Facebook page) and share with us one perspective that you have about work. Please leave your email so that we will be able to contact you should you win the contest!

The giveaway will end on Sunday 12 February and entries must be submitted by 5pm.

And the winners of the giveaway goes to....

Liang Jingxian & Agnes Chin!

Winners can collect the tickets from the I Theatre office at 27 Kerbau Rd, Singapore 219163 during office hours from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm. Please call 6341 5960 before collection.

Check out our review of I Theatre's 2014 production of the Ant & the Grasshopper here.


  1. Work is important in instilling important virtues like perseverance, diligence and pride in a job well done. It also gives meaning to one's life.

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  2. Work is about self satisfaction. To achieve certain goals, to see your hard work reap success, to provide for your loved ones, that is work.

  3. Work is about self discovery and challenging our capabilities to see what we can achieve.


  4. When at work, be serious about work and give your all. But after work, must also dis-engage and focus on other important aspects of life, like familly, friends, and self-care and rest. After all, the chinese saying goes, "To rest is so that we can walk further."

    Robert Sim

  5. Work hard so that we can play hard later on!!

  6. Work hard so that we can play hard later on!!


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