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The screaming permeated the entire house. It was a cry that would not be assuaged. The little boy was deeply troubled. Scampering to the source of the noise, he entered his parents' room, and immediately tilted his little head to see what was going on. A deep sorrow arose within him. On the bed lay a baby, and the poor thing was yelling at the top of its lungs. The two-year-old did the only thing he could do; he dashed to the side of the bed and climbed hurriedly onto the mattress. Making his way to the littler child, the toddler rested his hand on the baby, and gently stroked its tiny head.  "Didi," said the little boy. "Stop cry." And the two-year-old swiftly crept down the bed again, running to his parents with a look of deep worry and anticipation, as if asking them intuitively when they would finally provide the milk to relieve his little brother's cries. It has been just a little more than half a year since our second son E arrived h