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US East Coast 2018: Sunset in Washington

Enjoying our last sunset in America, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. C. After a day of bad transport planning and a rather harrowing (not to mention tiring) experience walking from one Metro station to another, we  resolved to be more purposeful in our planning, and managed to figure out our transport arrangements better with the Spot Hero Parking App. This not only allowed us to find a good parking spot in the city, but also saved us time travelling on the Metro and from hours of aimless walking. We realised this actually helped to save us both time and money in our wanderings about the US Capital! National Building Museum Our 8yo is extremely interested in architecture, and we thought that a visit to the National Building Museum would be a treat for him. It was indeed a most interesting experience! One of our most interesting stops was the National Building Museum. This is where we learnt many new architectural, design and building-related concepts. F