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5 Strategies to Raise a Motivated Learner

Play is the work of kids, says Maria Montessori. And kids learn best when they play! Well, given that our kids play most of their day, I believe they learn a phenomenal amount! Helping our kids develop a deep love for learning The 6-year-old boy looked at the picture intently. And without so much as batting an eyelid, he turned to his mother and declared, “You can tell  Twa Ku Kong  not to worry. The snake is harmless.” “How do you know?” asked his mother. “Of course it’s safe,” came the reply, “It’s a paradise tree snake and is non-venomous.” And with that, all speculation was ended over the picture that our son’s granduncle had sent. He had found a snake on his car bonnet and was worried about the family’s safety. Since he was young, our second son has always been interested in nature, and we have taken him and his older brother on many nature walks, often with an experienced nature guide. What we did not expect was how much he had soaked in from all his nature walk exper