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Art from the heART Part 2

It has been quite some time since the last blog post about Z's art class. This was largely due to the studio's move to its new location at Charlton Road in Upper Serangoon as well as some restructuring in our son Z's class. The new studio is located in a residential neighbourhood, and its quiet surroundings seem to be very conducive for students to engage in their artwork. The studio has a very distinct teaching philosophy and we feel that is important for the development of the child. This term, heART Studio is teaching students the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The artist emphasises individual creativity, and his artwork is characterised by bright colours and organic forms. At the onset of the course, the teachers introduced Z to what they termed as the "Five Treasures of Hundertwasser"; namely lollipop trees, onion domes, swirls, houses and floating eyes. The "Five Treasures" of Hundertwasser. The first few sessions were h


Quote of the Day: Before I got married I never dreamt that things would change so much the day I exchanged my wedding vows and began a new journey with the love of my life. Those initial few months and years were a process of growth for me as I learnt how to live with another person. It was a wonderful time, and I enjoyed many precious moments with my wife. But it was also a difficult time; when I learnt that some of the things I had been used to all my life were very different from the experiences encountered by my wife during her childhood. Looking back, I can say it was a time when I grew in maturity, and developed another dimension of my manhood. There was another major change in my life - the day I became a father. Looking back, I never knew that I would again have to deal with such an upheaval in my day-to-day routines. Life as a couple had then become the norm, and having an additional person in the house made so much difference; for starters the child cried far more

Sentosa: A New State of Fun for Young Families

This is a review of Sentosa's media branding campaign "A State of Fun", written for Little Day Out, a local family portal. We  waltz into Sentosa’s VIP Party for the launch of its new media branding campaign. Young families can expect more fun in Sentosa. On 7 June 2014, the island launched a new branding campaign, and is now establishing itself as a “State of Fun”, a land “without rules, strangers or stereotypes”.  The launch of the new Sentosa corporate video. Sentosa Development Corporation CEO Mike Barclay told Little Day Out there’s going to be lots more on the island for families with children. For instance, plans are underway to expand the Palawan Beach swimming lagoon. Mr Barclay said the area is ideal for swimming, and that Sentosa is seeking the necessary permits so that families will be able to have more fun there.  Sentosa is not only an island for romance, but also one for families. In addition, the children theme park Kidzania is expected t

Happily Ever After

Quote of the Day: Traditional fairy tales always narrate the story of the charming hero winning the heart of the princess and getting married, with the couple living "happily ever after". But the end of the fairy tale is the beginning of "the rest of life" - what every married couple goes through. One can either choose to stay happily married, or to opt to remain miserably married; and in today's world, many choose to leave the marriage altogether. What's even more complicated is when the children come along. Issues that seem to be trivial become magnified. The needs of the kids surpass the needs of the spouse. The roles in the household change; and the husband is often seen more as the "father", and the wife seen more as the "mother". These changes in family dynamics are natural, and should be celebrated. But at the end of the day the person we love most should be our spouse and not our children. We need to identify felt nee

Five in a Row: A Review of the ACE! 2014 Festival by I Theatre

From singing cats and operatic ogres to magical creatures whose wings dazzle in a shimmering burst of light. From scared baby dragons taking their maiden flight to graceful dragons well-versed in the ancient art of storytelling. And then there are those who consider their home to be "curvy and swervy and (somewhat) topsy-turvy", while others believe that "straight lines guide you along a straight path". The ACE! Festival 2014 was an enjoyable experience for us. Reviewing the plays on behalf of local family portal Little Day Out , our little son Z got the opportunity to watch all five of the plays. And he enjoyed every single one of them! I Theatre, which produced three of the plays and brought in two UK-based productions, stated that the festival theme was "Long Ago and Far Away", and it promised to explore not only stories and music and performance, but also "experiences, environments, cultures, sights and sounds". And the festival deli

Sparkles in the Sky: A Review of "Starbird" by Toto Tales

A review of “Starbird”, a production by the UK-based Toto Tales. Written for local family portal Little Day Out. Enter the ethereal forest of the Starbird, a magical creature whose wings dazzle in a shimmering burst of light. Sundown in this enchanted land always delights the senses; that’s as the Starbird performs a mystical ritual when it ascends to the skies and magically brings light to the stars, causing them to glow and to sing. And the dance of the Starbird bring solace to all around, providing the land with much peace and tranquility. But one day, a disgusting and destructive Hunter enters the forest. The Starbird trusts him intrinsically, even showing him the places where she lays her eggs. He betrays this trust, and even seeks to profit from what is closest to her heart - her eggs. Will the Starbird see through his plot, and will she escape from the greatest danger she has ever faced? Little Z has developed a love for theatre. Here he is excited to watch

Do You Believe in Dragons?

A review of “Dotty the Dragon”, a production by the UK-based Blunderbus Theatre Company. This review was written for local family portal Little Day Out. “Come to the Village,” said the man. “It’s a charming little place where everyone lives a comfortable life and the children are happy everyday.” A little frown escapes his otherwise cheerful face. “Now don’t you worry about the Dragon in the castle over yonder. We’ve got a Night Watchman who guards the Village and keeps it safe.” With that kind invitation, we are drawn into a charming Village; one whose inhabitants are happy everyday (apart from the usual neighbourly grouses). And although there are rumours of a great green creature which casts its shadow when it flies over the skies, no one has actually seen it face to face. Z enjoying his fourth ACE! Festival 2014 play - "Dotty the Dragon" That’s where Little Dotty comes in. Barely 10 days-old, Dotty yearns to make her maiden flight down to the lit

The Jewel in the Tale: A Review of I Theatre's "Under the Dragon Moon"

The review was written for local family portal Little Day Out, a Singapore-based website that provides information and updates on the best of Singapore for families with young children. A fun-filled Daddy-Son outing for little Z. Legend spins the tale of two kindly and graceful dragons, which cared for all creatures on the earth by guiding and healing them. The Dragon of the Seven Seas and the Dragon of the Four Winds also gathered people under the silvery moon to tell stories that would either make them laugh, make them puzzled, or make them cry. And each story always had a “Jewel in the Tale”, a treasured value or precious lesson for the people to learn. But the Emperor of the Mountains was jealous of the dragons, and he transformed them into stars that glittered in the night sky. The only hope was for people to continue gathering every time the dragon stars were highest in the sky - the night of the Dragon Moon. It was said that stories told under the Dragon Moon would never