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Encountering the Four Horsemen of the Motivational Apocalypse

A Tale on Motivation by Mark Lim. The horsemen were relentless in their pursuit. Fast and furious, they punished the educators with unbridled fury. These teachers, experts in their own right, seemed powerless to halt the onslaught. Yet they knew that if they allowed themselves to be beaten by the horsemen, that they would soon be relegated to the realms of educational oblivion, no doubt the primary objective of the motivational apocalypse. What are the obstacles that our children face? How can we help them to be overcomers? So the educators were determined to better understand their attackers, with the intention of identifying weaknesses and defeating them. They highlighted the following attributes in their attackers: No Benefit Overwhelming Contexts Protecting the Ego Energy Outweighs Success The first horseman operates on the principle that there is No Benefit to the work we do; and that short term benefits trump long-term growth. To counter this attacker, the educa