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The Empty Cot: Our Journey of Grief & Hope

It has been a month since our little girl left us. Image stills from the past month remain vivid in my mind's eye. After all, how do we deal with the sea of emotions that continues to engulf us at the ebb and flow of each tide? It was a familiar sight each morning to wake up to her gentle calls. Alas those days are over, and we wake up each morning to an empty cot, a tangible reminder that she is no longer in our lives. This blog post serves as a diary recalling all that has happened since the last week before she left, and it records the raw emotions imprinted upon our hearts: One week more. She returns to us after a visit to her birth family for one last time before our final parting. It's been almost a week since she last left us, and our lives have gone on as if she had never come. But beneath the veneer of normalcy, there is still an aching pain; a certain sadness about the finality of the parting. I really do not know what to expect for the upcoming week; ho

JB Food Adventures: Eating Our Way into the Heart of Malaysia (Part 1)

Our family loves to travel. And we love adventures. Unfortunately, our epic 40-day trip to the United States last year has left a rather large hole in our pocket. But we cannot resist the travel bug, and as such we have been making a series of short driving trips to Johor Bahru, the gateway to Malaysia. So yes. It is still possible to have fun and to enjoy life even when holidaying on a budget, and this post is a record of some of the favourite places that have won their way into our hearts... and to our stomachs... Bomnal Korean Cafe Johor Bahru is home to many Koreans. A quick check on Google will reveal that Malaysia is the second most popular market after the US for Korean real estate investment. And if you want to get your Korean food fix, it's the perfect place to go.  We chanced upon Bomnal as it's a stone's throw from our hairdresser. It was raining, and we decided to run into this  cosy Korean fusion cafe  for shelter and a snack. We were not disappointed.