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How to Really Honour Your Child (Part 2)

It is not easy to be a parent today. The world as we know it has changed before our very eyes with the advent of the millennium and the rapid technological advances that have materialised subsequently. But there are parenting principles that hold true. These are 10 parenting principles I hold close to my heart: Parenting these two boys is such a delight! This picture is a representation of their zest for life and intensity of being. 1) Recognise that every child is a gift from God. Love them for who they are not what they are. 2) Treasure every moment with them, both big and small. Surprise them with fun experiences and build memories that last a lifetime. 3) Treat every child equally. You may love them in different ways due to their different love languages, but at the end each child must know you love them with all of your heart. 4) Recognise that every child has his own strengths and weaknesses. Build on his strengths, and guide him to manage his weaknesses. 5) Love their mum. It