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Overcoming My Insecurities as a Dad: Three Lessons in Consistency

I never quite understood Father’s Day. I know it’s supposed to be a day to celebrate fathers and their role in the family; how a father works hard and unceasingly to bring back the bacon; how he bears with the stress and challenges at work; and how in spite of his tiredness each day, he is still able to spend time with his kids. I never understood Father’s Day because I grew up without a father in the home. Fathers are meant to protect and keep their children safe. But what happens if your father was never around to keep you safe? While other kids would long for their fathers to come home each day to play with them, I remember that as a child my only wish was for my dad to return to my family and never leave again. But of course, this was an impossible wish, given my parents’ separation and eventual divorce during my childhood years. As a counsellor, I know this is a wish shared by many of my clients – all they want is for a complete and secure family once again. And what

US East Coast 2018: An End But Also a Beginning

The complete travels of the Lim Family (August to September 2018) Our epic adventure in America had come to an end. But our journey was not yet over. It was a relatively peaceful flight to Heathrow Airport in London, where we broke journey after the first leg of our long journey home. To the surprise of the boys, they were greeted by their Nai Nai and Ye Ye, who were waiting for us at the airport. It was then off for a delicious lunch at a traditional English pub followed by a whirlwind walk through the streets of Windsor. From there it was a short walk to Windsor Castle, originally built in the 11th Century by William the Conqueror. Arrival at Heathrow Airport, London. So thankful to Nai Nai, who took us on a London adventure, failing which we would have spent 9 hours in the airport. The boys were so happy to meet their Ye Ye and Nai Nai, and to spend a couple of hours with them in London. An enjoyable meal in a traditional English pub. A cool drink after