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How to Really Love Your Spouse (Part 1)

One night, as I lay next to my wife in bed and considered why and how I loved her, I became overcome by a deep sense of love. This was something I had experienced years ago when I was convinced she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. It was the same feeling I encountered when I looked into her eyes and declared my wedding vows in front of God and a body of witnesses. And it was this deep love from which I drew upon 10 precious principles I have held close to my heart.   Our wedding day. I will always remember that moment when I declared that I would take her to be my lawfully wedding wife from that day forward, to be parted only in death. 1) Listen to her heart. Consider important what she considers to be important. 2) Nourish her soul. Feed her with memories and experiences she will cherish. 3) Allow her to be herself. Do not seek to change her to be someone she is not. 4) Encourage her to pursue self care. Clear her schedule and make it happen. 5)