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From Agony & Angst to Assurance & Acceptance - Fostering Even When It's Hard

The 3/1/2-year-old sauntered confidently to me, a new T-shirt and shorts in his hands. "Daddy," he said, "Look. Correct side." I glanced at the print and design on the front of his shirt, one he had chosen for himself from his chest of drawers. "Yes K," I said with a smile. "It's the correct side. Good job!" Then I patted him on his shoulder and beamed at him. "Well done. I'm glad you now know how to wear your shirt the right way round." And the little boy's face broke out into a brilliant smile as he nodded his head sagely. He then picked up his dirty clothes, and made his way to the laundry basket, dumping the clothes in them as he merrily made his way out of the room. It's been 15 months since little K joined our family. Life has been a bumpy ride, but there are moments of joy. I never believed this day would arrive. Just a few weeks back our foster kid was happily wearing everything the wrong way round - shirt, short