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US East Coast 2018: O Shenandoah How I Love You

Shenandoah National Park spans almost 200,000 acres (or 800 square kilometres) of land, and it occupies much of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In our short visit of three days, we had fallen in love with this beautiful natural paradise, which is home to many beautiful animals and plants. Besides the Appalachian Trail (which was detailed in the previous post ), we also got to enjoy a number of other experiences in the National Park. Big Meadows We first encountered Shenandoah as we enjoyed a picnic at the Big Meadows Campground, which is located just opposite Big Meadows. Apparently Big Meadows is home to the largest number of species of flora and fauna; some of which are not found anywhere else in the park!  We spend many moments wandering in the luscious wilderness wonderland, with both boys looking for creatures big and small. The Big Meadows Campground was the location for another spectacular encounter. Gentle and docile, wild deer roam freely in the park, and we were blessed to