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The Grand Margaret River Adventure - Jewels of Nature

Jewel Cave The Margaret River region in Perth, Australia, is an extravaganza in natural scenic sites. With the region abundant in food resources of all types, it is only expected to encounter a view of nature that is unsurpassed elsewhere in the world. We were blessed to receive complimentary tickets from the Augusta Margaret River Tourism Board to visit one of the prized gems of the region - Jewel Cave. Australia's Southwest website describes the cave in this manner: Jewel Cave is Western Australia’s largest tourism cave. Hidden in the beautiful Karri forest of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge, about 37 kilometres south of Margaret River and nine kilometres north of Augusta, this cave sinks to a reachable depth of 42 metres and is 1.9 kilometres long. Only 40 per cent of the cave has been developed for tourism and the journey for the visitor is spectacular. Jewel has giant formations and little natural light. The first descent down a long, narrow tunnel which opens at the top

Malacca with the Kids: March 2015

Malacca has always been our go-to place for a short getaway. Most of the time, it's been without the kids. We love soaking in the ambience of Jonker Street and strolling by the river. Of course, the food never fails to draw us back to this laidback town with its sleepy atmosphere. The facade of Malacca has, however, changed over the years. Imposing mega malls loom over two-storey shophouses. I would probably have not brought the boys along as the streets are narrow and traffic seemingly never ebbing, but when I googled "Malacca for Kids" this time round, there were quite a few options for the kids to enjoy. Of course, the main reason why we decided to go was because we were attending my dearest  cousin's wedding dinner. This brings back memories of how my cousins and I used to hang around at Chinese restaurants. We would be so thrilled to be on an actual stage... And our choice of accommodation was largely influenced by the water play area which our hot