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Seasons of Change: A Review of I Theatre's "The Ant and the Grasshopper" 2017

Grow and change  Grow and change Look around and you will see Everyday a little difference Nothing stays the same you'll see. I Theatre's musical showcase The Ant and The Grasshopper  is all about change. Yet not everyone is keen to embrace the changes that occur each day. There's the Grasshopper, who lives from day to day, composing songs and dancing to the beat of the springtime sunshine. There's the Ant, who attempts to deal with the upcoming winter by neurotically gathering food and neglecting the beauty of the world around her. There's the Caterpillar, a little creature who is afraid of everything and everyone, and who spends her life resisting every iota of change. There's the Ladybird, who deals with change by escaping south to a warmer climate. And there are of course the Bees, who make it their business to question every single change that happens to everyone other than themselves. I Theatre has taken a classic tale from Aesop, and tr