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Keepers of Our Children's Hearts

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the hearts of our children.  Our children are growing up faster than we realise! It started when our then 2-and-a-half year old had trouble sleeping at night. This was sometime after Easter, and also after we had attended the funeral procession of Singapore's First Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew the week before. The boys had been exposed to the concept of death, and had had some ideas about the finality it involved, although I am sure their understanding was still at an early stage. One night after a long week of bedtime struggles, I went into his room for what was probably the fourth time to pray for him. We asked God to send His angels to fill the room and to "tell any bad men to go away". In the darkness, I heard his little voice say, "Mummy, I am scared that the bad soldiers will come and put a crown of thorns on my head." I assured him that it would not be the case, that Jesus died once for us and we did no

The Daddy Factor

I had two hours between appointments last Wednesday, so I decided to pop back home for a quick lunch and a short rest. Just as I had entered the room and was preparing to lie on the bed for a brief respite, I heard a little voice with a huge request. “Daddy, I want to cook with you now.” “Hi E. How was your day? You want to cook with me now?” “Yes.” “E, Daddy’s tired. I just got back from work and I have to attend class soon. Can I cook with you tonight?” “No. Now.” “But E, Aunty M’s cooking lunch for us. She should be ready soon.” “Only Daddy….. Please?” And with that request, I yanked myself out of bed and into the kitchen, even though our domestic helper was in the midst of preparing her lunch of spaghetti bolognese. Our little 3-year-old had already taken his stool and was standing over the stove, peering into the contents of the frying pan. “Here E. Take this ladle. I want you to watch what Daddy is doing and follow after me. OK?” The young

Games for Young Children: Pengoloo, An Egg-Finding Memory Game (Review)

Over the course of the SG50 long weekend, our family found a new pastime. We have been spending our evenings before bedtime playing games - and no, not the iPad or Nintendo PS2 variety.  It's been kind of a dream come true for their Daddy, who is a true blue board game geek, but who has recently had to sacrifice his great need for engaging in strategic battles with enemies from far-flung lands (his favourites being games like Axis and Allies ). These days, a very tired wife and two young children will not likely be able to sit still for the duration of any game, much less a game of chess. (He was after all a competitive chess player during his school days!) Daddy Mark is hopeful - the beginnings of teaching the kids how to play chess? Our online store Sensational Play has recently brought in a whole range of Blue Orange Games . Founded in San Francisco, the Blue Orange range consists of award-winning products of exceptionally high quality and play value.  We were ex

Making Memories: The Quest for a Fulfilling Childhood

Our two boys turned 5 and 3 last week; and they had a whale of a time! It all began two weeks ago when we had a simple birthday party with the boys' good friends. It was a lovely evening which started with a time in the pool, a dinner, a cake-cutting ceremony, and then a night playing with punch balls under the stars. The boys were in good spirits the whole evening, and talked about the event for days after it ended. Our two happy children beaming in bliss during the cake-cutting ceremony. Then there were the presents. Sue and I have been rationing them and getting the boys to open them one or two at a time each day. We have been blessed by the thoughtfulness of the givers, with interesting items such as Mr Potato Head figures, toy soldiers, Chinese books, finger paints, a Lego space shuttle and mechanised puppies - all the boys' current favourites! This is also the first time that the boys are old enough to decide what they want to do for their birthdays. Our secon