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Making Room in the Manger: A Christmas Fostering Story

Our little Christmas tree was finally set up just the day before Christmas Eve. It was not our usual tree, decked tall and pretty with the ornaments we have collected over the years from countries near and far. We had instead opted for a smaller version, given that the circumstances this year were very different, and that we had just come back from a 10-day road trip to Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. And, we also had two extra guests this year, toddler boys who had come to stay with us for the season. We decided that a small tree would suffice this year. And we would surprise the two foster kids who were returning from respite care on the same day. It would be an opportunity for them to experience a lovely Christmas with us. Our dear little Christmas tree; a symbol of resilience in the midst of uncertainty. Or at least that was what we had planned. Christmas morning. We usually start the day with a Christmas Breakfast Hash, made up using leftovers from Sue'

How to Really Love Your Spouse (Part 2)

This month we celebrate our 12th Wedding Anniversary. Marriage has not been easy; but despite the ups and downs, I know that I love my wife deeply, and there are 10 precious principles I have held close to my heart.   A stolen kiss in Helen, Georgia, 2018. Taken by our younger son and aspiring photographer E. After 12 years, I still love my wife deeply and we still go on many adventures together! 1) Listen to her heart. Consider important what she considers to be important. 2) Nourish her soul. Feed her with memories and experiences she will cherish. 3) Allow her to be herself. Do not seek to change her to be someone she is not. 4) Encourage her to pursue self care. Clear her schedule and make it happen. 5) Love is in the small things. Small surprises, gentle touches, little acts of service. Love her in the here and the now. 6) Believe in her. Encourage her to pursue her dreams. Walk with her during moments both happy and sad. 7) Respect her friends and family. They m