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"Is that Kong Kong's Hair?"

Just a quiet walk... It all began about two months ago when the family was enjoying a brief holiday in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. It was almost dusk; and the four of us, together with Sue's parents and sister, were taking a lovely walk along the golf course. With the heat of the day almost behind us and a gentle breeze by our side, we were feasting our senses on the luscious green scenery which seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. Our two-year-old son Z was clearly in his element. A nature lover from as far back as we can remember, Z was walking with his left hand holding his mother's, and his right hand swinging wildly in the air. Walking behind them with our younger son E in the stroller, I could hear Z talking excitedly to Sue, chatting about all kinds of things he loves, from the butterflies to the mimosas and to the palm trees. All at once he came to a stop. He lifted his right hand to point excitedly at the leaves of a lone pine tree. Z & his Ko