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The Acrobat @ Play: A Review of Bubbles Gym

To say that our younger son E is a natural acrobat is an understatement. The almost 4-year-old has been "hanging on" to his Daddy from as far back as I remember.  There have been numerous instances when I was sitting innocuously on the bed; either reading a book or doing my work on the computer. Then, without any warning, I would feel a weight on my shoulders as two little hands, followed by two little feet, made their way up my back. There might be some pressure on the top of my head, after my face and glasses had been clawed at by a pair of tiny fingers. I would hear a little chuckle followed by a hearty laugh, as the little one completes his act by standing on my shoulder, with only my hair for support. And using my shoulders as a human trampoline, he usually attempts to bounce around and perform his acrobatic feats of courage and bravado. By then, Daddy wiggles in a mock attempt to shake off his unwanted shoulder weight. This culminates in an exhilarating and climatic

A Multi-Coloured Undersea Adventure: Giveaway of I Theatre's "The Rainbow Fish"

Dive into the deep and be treated to a musical extravaganza that will dazzle the senses! I Theatre celebrates its 15th Anniversary with a re-make of its groundbreaking play, "The Rainbow Fish"! The play is  based on Swiss author and illustrator Marcus Pfister's award-winning book series, which was transformed into a TV series in the United States. I Theatre is bringing the show back after a 5-year hiatus. Artistic Director Brian Seward says  the show has been staged seven times, and it's been all over the world, including India, USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.   When?   26 April to 15 May 2016 Where?  Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore Who? Anyone from 3 to 103 years old! What can we expect? Like any good I Theatre production, expect a wholesome family production with strong characterisation, catchy songs and dances, and a moral in the story. And, I Theatre promises to showcase  the various techniques it has learnt over the years, incl