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A Safe Space: Adventures in Fostering

Fostering challenges traditional notions of what a family is and what a family should be. At the end of the day, what is your idea of "family"? The younger child seemed a little troubled during bedtime. "Mummy..." he said. "Yes Darling," replied Mummy. "It will be very sad when R has to go home to the tummy mummy and daddy one day."  "Yes, Darling. It will be very sad." "But it's all up to God, right?" "Yes it is. You know that R's tummy mummy and daddy can't take care of any child right now? That's why R is with us." "Yes I know. R is with us just for awhile. Not like Kor Kor and I. The four of us are a forever family." "Yes we are. So how will you feel when R goes back to the tummy mummy and daddy?" "It will be sad, but it will be all right." The older child, who was a silent participant in the conversation, decided to speak at th

Tales of Grimmsneyland: An Immersive Theatre Experience

Appearances were deceiving. It was a secluded building apparently in the middle of nowhere. The only clue we had was from a curious invitation card, mysteriously emailed to us, and informing us that we had come into possession of a "rare and limited ticket" which would grant us access into the "wonderful world of Grimmsneyland". Could it be that the entrance to such a magical place would be innocently hidden in the outskirts of suburban Singapore? And so we climbed up the rickety steps, uncertain at what we were to expect. Little did we expect to find a strange creature at the top of the stairs. He said his name was Brandon, and that he was a Fairy-Godfather-in-Training; and that it was his duty to guide us into Grimmsneyland.  And that, dear readers, was the beginning of our Adventures in Grimmsneyland! What magical adventures await! Imagine coming face to face with Napping Beauty, who dazzles in her pink outfit! ANDSOFORTH Jr.'s production,  Tales of G