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From Consumer to Contributor - Fostering Responsibility in Our Kids

It was time to go to the dentist again. With some fear and a tad of hesitation, we took our two boys to see their beloved Dr Hsu, the dentist who had been with them from the very beginning. I can count with the fingers from more than one hand the number of minor admonishments we have had over the years from our dear dentist; a man as gentle with the teeth as he is firm with dishing out advice. And we have heard it all - from asking the father to brush and floss the boys' teeth more regularly, to playfully reminding the children's grandaunt to stop supplying them with sweets. So this time it was no different. I entered the room and waited as Dr Hsu examined the boys' teeth. The verdict would be out soon; and I lowered my eyes in anticipation of the words I expected to hear. Our kind "tooth doctor" Dr Hsu. The kids always look forward to the little rewards they get at the end of each session. "Both boys have done a good job this time!" Dr Hsu remarke