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"May I Direct Daddy?"

"May I direct Daddy?" asked the little voice at the back of the car. 'Sure, E," said the man at the wheel, as he handed over the pre-programmed GPS navigation system to the 5-year-old.  "Tell me how long it will take to get there, and whether I should go left or right ok?" "Sure Daddy. It's going to be 30 minutes. A very long journey." "30 minutes is not so bad. We'll be there soon ok?" "Ok, Daddy. You have to turn left very soon." "Oh? How soon E? How many metres?" "7-0-0 metres turn left. Turn left in 700, no 600 metres, Daddy." "OK. Thanks E. You really are a great help!" Car journeys are wonderful for long conversations with the children. Many of our precious moments have taken place in the car. It all began in Taiwan, when we were dealing with two whiny sons at the back of the car. Sue thought then that by letting our kids hold the phone, which w