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How to Really Honour Your Child (Part 1)

As a parent, I know I have made so many mistakes in my parenting journey. But in the process, I know I have also grown in the way I parent my children. One night, as I was reflecting on how I can be a better parent, I wrote out 10 principles which I believe to be essential towards helping my kids become the persons God intended for them to be: Our two sons modelling for our Sensory Superhero Series. Both boys are such creative individuals who love fun and uninhibited play. Our heart is for them to become the persons God meant for them to be!  1) Recognise that every child is a gift from God. Love them for who they are not what they are. 2) Treasure every moment with them, both big and small. Surprise them with fun experiences and build memories that last a lifetime. 3) Treat every child equally. You may love them in different ways due to their different love languages, but at the end each child must know you love them with all of your heart. 4) Recognise that every child

Fostering in the Time of Covid-19

"What is my future going to be like? What would have happened to me if I had not been fostered?" Year: 2020 Month: May Dear Diary It has been one month since  Singapore implemented its Circuit-Breaker series of measures intended to curb the spread of the deadly global pandemic Covid-19. Like many other families in Singapore, we have been stuck at home and unable to travel much since the government imposed strict travel restrictions. The economy has come to a virtual standstill. I personally have lost a long list of work engagements; all postponed or cancelled because of the current coronavirus crisis. We are living day to day only because of the grace of God.  But unlike most families in Singapore, we have an extra child in the house. He has been here for 6 months, and it seems he will be with us for a long time to come. K first came to stay together with his brother, J. But we have decided that having four boys in the house during the Covid period was too hard fo