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Child of the Frost: A Review of "Snow Child" at KidsFest 2016

"My mother is the wind; my father is the frost," says the Snow Child, as she dances into the lives of a childless couple living at the edge of a deep dark forest. Hungry with the longing and desire for a child, and in pain from years of continuous criticism from the other villagers, the couple desperately welcomes the Snow Child into their lives, and they yearn for her to find a home in their family. But the Snow Child insists she is different from the Other Children, and persists in behaviours peculiar to the village as a whole. What happens when she wanders off back into the wild? Will there ever be love and warmth in the home once again? UK-based tutti frutti productions presents an enchanting tale of love and hope. Written by Emma Reeves, the 2016 KidsFest play was a delight for the children, who warmed up to the Snow Child the moment she appeared on stage. "Is she real?" they chorused, as the girl seemed to come alive and wear the winter clothing of her ne