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Of Crocodiles & Rivers

The little boy let out an earth-shattering wail. "Mummy!" he screamed. But Mummy was nowhere to be found. "I want Mummy!" the almost 3-year-old cried, in a voice that sounded as if there would be no tomorrow.  'E, Mummy's not here. Tell Daddy what you want." "I don't want Daddy. I want Mummy!"  The dialogue carried on for a couple of minutes; although for the Daddy it seemed as though time had stood still and Mummy would never return home from her work. Then the Daddy remembered something that he had learnt from parenting course, and an idea began to form in his exhausted mind. "E, if you don't stop crying, the crocodile will come and get you!" And with that, little E experienced an onslaught from one of the most vicious creatures in the world. His tummy area, especially, was mercilessly attacked by the powerful reptilian that gave no chance for its prey to escape... "No. Daddy, no!" prote