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Brothers Together The little boy dashed into the room. It was not terribly huge, but definitely bigger than the rooms at home. 3-year-old Z didn't care. He headed straight for the bed, and proceeded to jump up and down on it in wild abandonment, a ritual he performed on all other "bouncy beds" he had visited. Z's 1-year-old brother E soaked in the atmosphere. Following in his footsteps, the little one walked awkwardly to the bed, and managed to climb up with some help from Daddy. He too attempted to jump on the bed, a manoeuvre not as easily performed due to the already uneven bumps caused by a jumping Z. Changing course, the infant crawled towards his Mummy, but was inadvertently knocked over en route by his exuberant brother. Not skipping a beat, an excited Z cuddled alongside the tangled mass of brother, mother and father. He declared happily, "Daddy and Mummy and Z and Didi.... Together...." Holidays are always a special time for the family.