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A Pocketful of Oils: Our Family's Foray into Essential Oils

Mark and I have always enjoyed using essential oils. When we first bought some scents from Phuket, we burned them in our burner. We also used them for aches and pains. However, some of the oils turned rancid after a while, and we gradually lost interest in them. Sometime last year, I read somewhere that they could be used to halt toddlers' tantrums in their tracks. Apparently, smelling something new causes the brain to switch gears, long enough such that it helps to take the toddler's mind off the tantrum and thus takes it down to another level, when we can deal with the little one more effectively once his or her emotions are under control. You can watch a fascinating video  here  on how this works! It has definitely worked for us on more than a few occasions. However, I have never explored the use of essential oils seriously nor done much reading on how they could be used to help with the daily health challenges our family faces. With two children under 5 in our

The Grand Margaret River Adventure - the Wining & Dining Episode

Wine for Dudes (& Dudettes) In the minds of most international travellers, the Margaret River region exists for one reason and one reason only - its huge variety of vineyards that produce one of the world's most delicious wines! A brief history of viniculture will provide the knowledge that wines are classified into "Old World Wines" and "New World Wines". Many traditionalists turn their noses at the New World wines of countries such as America and Australia; believing Old World wines from countries like France to be the best. But while the Old World wines have a unique distinctive quality, the New World wines easily stand their own. And if you were to look to Australia, you would definitely consider the Margaret River region to be one of the best regions for the growing of wines in the country. We took a day away from the kids, leaving them in the good hands of Sue's parents. Deciding that it's never safe to drink and drive, we booked a wine to

Giveway: 4 Tickets to I Theatre's The Gingerbread Man on Sat 30 May, 2.30 pm at the Jubilee Hall

What a great way to kick start the end of exams and the start of the June holidays. I Theatre is known for its heartwarming plots and hilarious characters, catchy tunes and fascinating puppetry. They are reprising this previously sold-out version of the family musical,  rainbow-sprinkled with a colourful collection of crazy puppet and live-action characters, frosted with some valuable lessons to learn, and interesting thinking points for young and old alike. This tasty tale – the one you know so well – is presented especially for ages 3 to 93. Returning because of audience demand, you’ll want to catch The Gingerbread man before he escapes yet again! To enter our giveaway:  1. Visit our Parenting on Purpose Facebook page. "Like" our page. 2. Visit I Theatre's Facebook page. "Like" their page. 3. Leave a comment on the Faceboo