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Lessons on Good Friday: A Fostering Perspective

On Wednesday night, we found our pet praying mantis lying still, in its cage. It had died, and my younger son and I particularly grieved the loss of our new pet. Then I dropped a bottle of medicine and cut myself while picking up the shards of glass. The visual reminder triggered by the crimson fluid brought to mind that Good Friday was approaching. His blood shed for us by His death on the Cross. Thursday morning, we met with the relevant case managers and were told that the time had come for our baby girl to return to her birth family. This is the baby we have known since she was 2-months-old. She turns 1-year-old next month. We have fought hard for her in the times we felt that others were not doing so; we have played, fed, comforted, giggled with, sang to, bathed, and done all the things parents would do for a young child. We have seen her through the many adjustments and sleepless nights she has had to make in being shuttled from one caregiver to another. During her

US East Coast 2018: All Things Bright & Beautiful

After 3 hours of driving, we arrived at our final destination for the trip, the capital city of Washington D.C. We were all ready to explore one of the major highlights of the city - the Smithsonian Institution, which in DC alone comprises 17 museums, galleries and a zoo. Entrance to the Institution is free, and we learnt this was because of a generous donation almost 200 years ago by British scientist, James Smithson, who donated his entire estate to create an establishment for the "increase and diffusion of knowledge among men". An amazing collection of natural treasures await us at the Smithsonian. Pictured here is a dinosaur exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History. National Museum of Natural History We left early the next morning. We were so thrilled to be in DC, especially after enjoying a sunset view of the Washington Monument at the horizon the previous day. However, we didn’t realise just how overwhelming the city can be, after almost four weeks in th

How to Discipline Your Child for Lasting and Positive Change

In February, my wife and I went overseas for a short couple retreat. We had a fruitful time as a couple, and we really got to relax and unwind. One of the benefits of being away was that we also got to catch up on reading, something that we don’t always do back home given the busyness of life. I brought along the book  How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk  by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. It was an interesting book as it is based on the authors’ experience as parenting experts. It also uses comics to highlight some of the key concepts, making it an engaging and easy read. What makes a strong family? Our belief is that discipline constitutes an important pillar of parenting. Through discipline kids learn about values and what are appropriate boundaries in life. One of the chapters in the book, titled “Alternatives to Punishment,” was especially relevant for us. We have been facing a challenging situation at home with one of our children, and have bee