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Ah... Take Photo!

The evening sun bade its final farewell as it retreated behind the wall of thick grey clouds. Nonetheless, the skies still retained the colour of day as the world was not yet ready to welcome the night. In the land of Singapore, in a little corner of the island, a young boy dashed out of the elevator. It was as though he had been cooped up all day at home (which he had been), and that he was now raring to flex his leg muscles. Behind him trailed an older man, tired after a long day of work, and slowly pushing a little infant child in a light-weight stroller. The little boy's footsteps came to a sudden stop. He stood transfixed at the majestic palm tree with its luscious leaves swaying in the twilight breeze. All at once a wave of inspiration seemed to hit him, and the boy exclaimed his desire to capture that moment in time forever. "Ah! Take photo!" he said. Our older son Z began his love affair with palm trees from as far back as we can remember. But it was only i