Happily Ever After

Quote of the Day:

Traditional fairy tales always narrate the story of the charming hero winning the heart of the princess and getting married, with the couple living "happily ever after". But the end of the fairy tale is the beginning of "the rest of life" - what every married couple goes through. One can either choose to stay happily married, or to opt to remain miserably married; and in today's world, many choose to leave the marriage altogether.

What's even more complicated is when the children come along. Issues that seem to be trivial become magnified. The needs of the kids surpass the needs of the spouse. The roles in the household change; and the husband is often seen more as the "father", and the wife seen more as the "mother". These changes in family dynamics are natural, and should be celebrated. But at the end of the day the person we love most should be our spouse and not our children. We need to identify felt needs and attend to them.

Happily ever after can be a reality. But we need to constantly choose this reality. 

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