Sentosa: A New State of Fun for Young Families

This is a review of Sentosa's media branding campaign "A State of Fun", written for Little Day Out, a local family portal. We waltz into Sentosa’s VIP Party for the launch of its new media branding campaign.

Young families can expect more fun in Sentosa. On 7 June 2014, the island launched a new branding campaign, and is now establishing itself as a “State of Fun”, a land “without rules, strangers or stereotypes”. 
The launch of the new Sentosa corporate video.
Sentosa Development Corporation CEO Mike Barclay told Little Day Out there’s going to be lots more on the island for families with children. For instance, plans are underway to expand the Palawan Beach swimming lagoon. Mr Barclay said the area is ideal for swimming, and that Sentosa is seeking the necessary permits so that families will be able to have more fun there. 
Sentosa is not only an island for romance, but also one for families.
In addition, the children theme park Kidzania is expected to open next year, and children will then have the opportunity to roleplay different jobs. This will then add an indoor playground component to the existing outdoor adventure land - the Port of Lost Wonder. 
Walking on stilts? Sounds like a lot of fun!
To kick off the new “State of Fun”, Sentosa organised a whole host of activities. From delivering pizzas on a trapeze to a transformation of the island’s iconic beach tram into a DJ music station, there seemed to be no end to the fun that the island was spinning. 
The iconic beach tram transformed into a music station.
And although there was an unexpected downpour just before the start of the VIP party, everyone seemed to remain in good spirits. 
Our little son has fun even in the rain, using
the beach ball from the media pack as a cap!
All were waiting for the spectacular finale of lights and sound – a symphonic laser fireworks display in the skies, performed on a floating stage by renowned local entertainer Kiki Tay and twenty musicians.
The sensational laser firework display.
A feast for the senses!
If the launch party was any indication, we can certainly expect lots of fun on the lovely island just south of the Singapore mainland.

You can read the Little Day Out article here.

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