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Z posing with the cast at a theatrical remake of the classical tale "Puss in Boots".
March 2015: Timeless Tales - A Review of "Aesop's Fables" by I Theatre.

November 2014: Dancing with the Devil - A Review of "The Soldier's Tale" by the Singapore Dance Theatre.

November 2014: What If... - A review of I Theatre's "Hop and Honk".

September 2014: Pigeon at the Wheel - A review of "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by UK-based Big Wooden Horse Company.

July 2014: Look! See! Explore! Discover! - A Review of I Theatre's Round the Moon, Blue the Sky - A regional production exploring how children learn through play.

June 2014: Five in a Row: A Review of the ACE! 2014 Festival by I Theatre - We present our reflections after watching all five ACE! 2014 Festival shows.

June 2014: Sparkles in the Sky: A Review of "Starbird" by Toto Tales - The last in the series of five ACE! 2014 Festival theatre reviews.

June 2014: Do You Believe in Dragons? - A review of "Dotty the Dragon", a fun-filled musical by UK-based Blunderbus Theatre Company. ACE! Festival 2014.

May 2014: The Jewel in the Tale: A Review of I Theatre's Under the Dragon Moon - An excellent interpretation of five Asian folktales. The third review for ACE! Festival 2014.

May 2014: Spotting Differences and Celebrating Commonalities: A Review of the I Theatre Production "Spot the Difference" - ACE! Festival 2014. Curvy and swervy vs straight lines and straight paths.

May 2014: Of Singing Cats & Operatic Ogres: A Review of I Theatre's "Puss in Boots" - The first in the a series of five ACE! 2014 Festival theatre reviews.

Mar 2014: Let Down Your Hair! - Review of the Singapore Repertory Theatre production of Rapunzel.

Mar 2014: There is a Time for Everything - Review of the I Theatre production of The Ant and the Grasshopper. A modern interpretation of a traditional tale.

Nov 2013: Movement Rocks! Review of Hello Adam - The Lim Family makes friends with Adam, and discovers that his playground is actually larger than life!

Nov 2013: Into the Woods with Red Riding Hood - A brave young girl travels far and deep into the woods to seek answers that could save her parents' ailing bakery.

Aug 2013: Explorations into Fun: Review of PLAYtime! Hello Ling - The Lim family heads for a fun time out with Ling and her magical world of light.

Aug 2013: If Animals Could Talk: Review of Hey Little Mousedeer - Join the Lim family in the forests of Southeast Asia to witness how Sang Kancil, the clever mousedeer, outwits his friends. 

Jun 2013: Eat Your Vegetables! Lessons from the Enormous Turnip - A delightful tale of hard work and perseverance as the Diggorys attempt to grow the biggest turnip ever!

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