Korea (November-December 2013)

First Stop: Jeju

The Lim family begins an exciting three-week adventure in the land of Korea. They kick off their journey in the sunny island of Jeju, described by many as "honeymoon island". But not all the well in paradise. Perilous mountains, deep dark forests, and the sudden fall of snow threaten to derail their travels, but the brave adventurers kick in their heels and press on, undeterred by all that stands in their way...

Chapter 1: Arrival & the majestic Sangumburi Crater.
Chapter 2: The exciting Manjanggul Lava Cave & the spectacular Seongsan Iculbong.
Chapter 3: A butterfly adventure at Psyche World & a fishy time at the Aqua Planet.
Chapter 4: A snowy day at Hallasan National Park & the gorgeous Jeongbang Falls.
Chapter 5: Peaceful Eco Land Theme Park
Chapter 6: The enchanting Saryeoni Forest walk
Chapter 7: Hallim Park - the luscious garden created from nothingness.

Pitstop: Busan

Flight delays and traffic jams threaten to waylay the intrepid travellers; but the Lim family rises to the challenge, and they arrive at last at the port city of Busan. There, they manage to steal some time to rest and recuperate. Alas. The journey is far from over...

Detour: Gyeongju

Falling temperatures derail the travellers' plans, and they are forced to make a detour to the ancient city of Gyeongju, crown of the grand Shilla Dynasty. But the Lims come face to face with terrifying dinosaurs, formidable swordsmen and the icy cold weather. Will the adventurers beat all odds to arrive at their final checkpoint?

The travellers' journey come to an end in the lovely city of Busan. With swaying camellia trees, beautiful beaches and even a magical Christmas surprise, it is indeed true that good things come to those who venture far and travel well!

Chapter 1: Dongbaekseom Island & Bonchon: the Best Chicken in Busan!
Chapter 2: UN Memorial Cemetory, Busan Tower & A Magical Christmas Surprise!
Chapter 3: The Lim Family's Special Korean Photoshoot
Chapter 4: Jagalchi Market & Korea @ Play
Chapter 5: Scenic Dalmaji Hill & Picturesque Haeundae Beach

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