Fragrance from the Netherlands: A Review of Tulipmania 2014

A review of the preparations for Tulipmania 2014 at Gardens by the Bay. Written for Little Day Out, a Singapore-based website that provides information and updates on the best of Singapore for families with young children.
Z and his Daddy get to pose with the adorable Dutch rabbit Miffy.

Not Just a Walk in the Park

Imagine a lovely walk along peaceful waters. The evening sun is just about to say its final goodbye; and the fragrant whiff of the tulip flowers linger in the gentle breeze…

No, you are not in the Netherlands. But a visit to Tulipmania 2014 in Gardens by the Bay might bring about such a calming illusion.

Gardens has brought back Tulipmania, following the resounding success of the exhibition last year. Inspired by Madurodam, a miniature park and tourist attraction in the Netherlands, the centrepiece at the Flower Dome will depict Dutch canal scenes, houses and windmills, all set amidst spectacular blooms of tulips and hyacinths.
Z posing for a shot with the iconic Dutch windmill.
And to add to the Dutch flavour, the popular children’s rabbit Miffy is also making her appearance. She arrived in Singapore this week, after stopovers in Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Little Day Out had a sneak peak of the event last week, and if the fervour we felt while we were there was any indication, Tulipmania 2014 will be a huge draw for the crowds.

Planting Rice is Never Fun – But What About Planting Tulips?

As part of the sneak preview, our little group of parent bloggers was invited to help plant some of the tulips that will be appearing during the exhibition.
Orange and Yellow Lily Bulbs fresh from the Netherlands.
Daddy and little Z help to plant the lily bulbs.
It was a fun-filled hour or so learning about the delicate nature of lily bulbs and the special care that was needed to ensure that they bloom well. While 3-year-old Z was excited to help in the planting, he was a little apprehensive as he had not worked with rakes and shovels and compost in this way. We were however glad that Z was able to relate the entire experience to his Mummy after returning home.

After the hands-on experience, our little group was whisked off to witness how the rest of the Gardens is preparing for the exhibition. We were able to catch a glimpse of the lovely Dutch scenescape that will be the backdrop for Tulipmania.
The crew at Gardens by the Bay working hard to prepare for the Big Day.
Re-creating the picturesque Dutch architecture.
The tulips that we planted will take just about a week to bloom. But our little son couldn’t wait to see them. He painted a lovely picture of tulips just the morning after. In addition, Z was learning "F" is for "Flower" for homeschooling, and he made these lovely blooms with his Mummy just the day after his visit to the Gardens.
Papercrafting with lovely flower petals and luscious leaves. 
Special Dates 

Tulipmania 2014 opens officially from now to 4 May. 

Miffy Appearances on 20 April (Easter Egg Hunt) and 26 April (Orange Day Celebrations – a Dutch national holiday) 

For more on what can be expected at Tulipmania, you may refer to the Little Day Out article here.

What's Next? 

In May, Gardens by the Bay will be continuing its European flower tour. What's up? A French Jardin extravaganza featuring flowers like lavender, lilac, jasmine and gardenia. And, for those of you who have yet to visit the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you'll get a chance to see a miniature version right here in Singapore!

The French Faire exhibition will be at the Gardens' Flower Dome from 12 May to 22 June 2014.

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