Nurturing Ambition

Quote of the Day:

When you ask a child what he wants to be when he grows up, you get a myriad of answers, ranging from being a doctor or a fireman or a chef. These desired childhood occupations are a result of the child's exposure to the different occupations and reflect his or her interests at the time of questioning. However no child really knows what he or she wants; nor are children expected to make difficult decisions at an early age. 

Our role as parents is therefore to provide as much exposure for our children so that they can have a greater understanding of what interests them, pursuing avenues that bring them greater satisfaction and therefore greater meaning in what they do. We then need to nurture our children's ambitions, guiding them and encouraging them when things don't seem to go right. But ultimately we need to allow our children the freedom to make their own decisions. For if we have been guiding and nurturing them from an early age, we can be confident that they will make the best choices.

We may yet be parents to the next Napoleon, the next Salvador Dali, or the next Jamie Oliver!

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